Rear Window Defogger Switch
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Rear window defogger switchTo defog or defrost the rear window, push the switch.

The key must be in the "ON" position.

The thin heater wires on the inside of the rear window and heater panels in the outside rear view mirrors will quickly clear the surfaces.  An indicator light will illuminate to indicate the defogger is operating. Keep your hands off the mirror faces when the switch is on.

When the surface has cleared, turn the defogger off. Continuous use may cause the battery to discharge, especially during stop-and-go driving.  The defogger is not designed for drying rain water or for melting snow.

The system will automatically shut off after the defogger has operated about 15 minutes.  If further defrosting or defogging is desired, simply actuate the switch again.

If the outside rear view mirrors are heavily coated with ice, use a spray de-icer before operating the switch.

When cleaning the inside of the rear window, be careful not to scratch or damage the heater wires.