Does your vehicle need repairing?
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Be on the alert for changes in performance, sounds, and visual tip-offs that indicate service is needed. Some important clues are as follows:

  • Engine missing, stumbling, or pinging.
  • Appreciable loss of power.
  • Strange engine noises.
  • A leak under the vehicle (however, water dripping from the air conditioner after use is normal.)
  • Change in exhaust sound. (This may indicate a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Drive with the windows open and have the exhaust system checked immediately.)
  • Flat-looking tyre; excessive tyre squeal when cornering; uneven tyre wear.
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when driving straight on a level road.
  • Strange noises related to suspension movement.
  • Loss of brake effectiveness; spongy feeling brake or clutch pedal; pedal almost touches floor; vehicle pulls to one side when braking.
  • Engine temperature continually higher than normal.
  • Engine continually runs hot; oil pressure gauge stays low.
If you notice any of these clues, take your vehicle to your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. It probably needs adjustment or repair.


Do not continue driving with the vehicle unchecked. It could result in serious vehicle damage and possibly personal injury.