Brake System
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Tandem master cylinder brake system

The tandem master cylinder brake system is a hydraulic system with two separate subsystems. If either sub-system should fail, the other will still work. however, the pedal will be harder to press, and your stopping distance will be longer. Also the brake system warning light may come on.


Do not rely on a single brake system. Have your brakes fixed immediately.

Brake booster

the brake booster uses engine vacuum to power-assist the brakes. If the engine should quit while you are driving, you can bring the vehicle to a stop with normal pedal pressure. There is enough reserve vacuum for one or two stops - but no more!


  • Do not pump the brake pedal if the engine stalls. Each push on the pedal uses up your vacuum reserve.
  • Even if the power assist is completely lost, the brakes will still work. But you will have to push the pedal hard - much harder than normal. And your braking distance will be longer.

Anti-lock brake system (vehicles with anti-lock brake system warning light)

The anti-lock brake system is designed to prevent lock-up of the wheels during sudden braking or braking on slippery surfaces to help the vehicle remain steerable and stable in such situations.
The system functions with normal pedal operation. When the anti-lock function is in action, a pulsation of the brake pedal may result, together with a characteristic noise. This indicates that the system is functioning properly.
When driving with the anti-lock brake system, keep the folling in mind and adjust your driving according to the road and traffice conditions:

  • Even with the anti-lock brake system, your vehicle still requires a sufficient stopping distance. Always maintain a safe distance from the vehivle in front of you.
  • Always slow down when cornering. The anti-lock brake system cannot prevent accidents resulting from excessive speeds.
  • On rough, gravel or snow covered roads, etc., operation of the anti-lock brake system may result in a longer stopping distance than for vehicles not fitted with an anti-lock brake system, so take this into account and reduce your speed.
  • Avoid high speeds on wet roads. The anti-lock brake system cannot eliminate the risk of aquaplaning.
If the anti-lock brake system should fail, the brake system operates conventionally but without anti-lock function. Have your vehicle checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.



Brake Pad Wear Indicatiors

The brake pad wear indicators on your disc brakes give a warning noise when the brake pads are worn to where replacement is required.

If you hear a squealing or scraping noise while driving, have the brake pads checked and replaced by your nearest Toyota dealer immediately.
Avoid continuous driving with the warning noise.
Continuous driving without replacing the brake pads will cause expensive rotor damage and increasing brake pedal effor to get the same stopping distance.