Manual Transmission
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The shift pattern is conventional as shown.
Press the clutch pedal down fully while shifting, and then release it slowly. Do not rest your foot on the pedal while driving, because it will cuase a clutch trouble. And do not use the clutch to hold the vehicle when stopped on an uphill grade - use the parking brake.

Recommended shifting speeds.
The transmission is fully synchronized and upshifting or downshifting is easy.
For the best compromise between fuel economy and vehicle performance, you should upshift or downshift at approximately the following speeds:

Upshifting   Downshifting
  gear    km/h (mph)       gear    km/h (mph)  
  1 to 2    24 (15)       2 to 1    20 (12)  
  2 to 3    40 (25)       3 to 2    30 (19)  
  3 to 4    65 (40)       4 to 3    40 (25)  
  4 to 5    72 (45)       5 to 4    50 (31)  

Upshifting too soon or downshifting too late will cause lugging and, possibly, pinging. Regularly revving the engine to maximum speed in each gear will cause excessive engine wear and high fuel consumption.

Maximum allowable speeds
To get on a highway or to pass slower traffic, maximum acceleration may be necessary. Make sure you observe the following maximum allowable speeds in each gear:

7M-GE engine   7M-GTE engine
  gear    km/h (mph)       gear    km/h (mph)  
  1    58 (36)       1    62 (39)  
  2    101 (63)       2    103 (64)  
  3    150 (93)       3    154 (96)  

Do not downshift if you are going faster than the maximum allowable speed for the next lower gear.

Good driving practice

  • If it is difficult to shift into reverse, put the transmission in neutral, release the clutch pedal momentarily, and then try again.
  • When towing a trailer, in order to maintain engine braking efficiency, do not use the fifth gear.


Be careful when downshifting on a slippery surface. Abrupt shifting could cause the vehicle to spin or skid.

Make sure the vehicle is completely stopped before shifting into reverse.