Sports Roof
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Sports Roof - Removal 1

  1. Get the tool bag out of the console box.
    In the tool bag, you will find a special kit consisting of a wrench and handle for turning the bolts, caps for covering the front bolts and plugs for stopping the rear holes.

Sports Roof - Removal 2

  1. Loosen the bolts in the order shown by turning the wrench counterclockwise with the "LOOSEN" side of the handle toward you.

Sports Roof - Removal 3

  1. After removing the roof, put the caps on the front bolts, and insert the plugs into the read holes.

  • Do not stick your head, arms, etc. out of the opening while the vehicle is moving.
  • Never attempt to remove the roof while driving.
  • Do not sit on top of the vehicle around the opening.



Sports Roof - Storage 1 Sports Roof - Storage 2
Insert the front edge of the roof to the front holders, then engage the rear edge with the rear holders.
Put the front edge on the triangle marks of the front holders.
To engage the rear edge of the roof with the rear holders, set up the holders and put the rear edge on the holders while pushing the front edge fully forward against the front holders.


To avoid damaging the roof panel, do not press on the center of the stowed roof panel and do not put anything on the stowed roof panel.



To minimize the risk of personal injury, make sure all four ends of the roof are securely locked in the holders after installation.



Sports Roof - Reinstall 1 Sports Roof - Reinstall 2

  1. Lift up the rear edge while pushing it fully forward and pull the front edge off the holders.
    After removing the roof, put back the holders while pulling up the lock release knob.

Do not operate the knob until the roof has been removed.


Sports Roof - Reinstall 3

  1. Place the rear edge on first and then the front edge.
    Before installtion, be sure to take the caps and the plugs off.



Sports Roof - Reinstall 4

  1. Tighten the bolts in the order of the rear reight, rear left, front left, and front right.
    Face the "TIGHTEN" side of the wrench handle toward you, and turn it clockwise.




To minimize the risk of personal injury, make sure all four ends of the roof are securely fixed on the brackets after installation.