Power Window Switches
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To raise or lower the windows, use the switch on each door. The passenger's window can also be controlled by the switches on the driver's door.
The ignition key must be in the "ON" position.
Power Window Switches Power Window Switches (Drivers - Automatic) OPERATING THE DRIVER'S WINDOW

Push the center lever either way. The window moves as long as the lever is operated. For automatic operation, use the outer switch.
Push the outer switch down on the "AUTO" side. The window will fully open even if you let go of the switch. To stop the window partway, lightly push on the opposite side.

Power Window Switch (Passenger - Drivers Use) Power Window Switches (Passenger - Passenger Use) OPERATING THE PASSENGER'S WINDOW

Push the switch down on either side. The window moves as long as the switch is operated. To lock the window at that position push the "WINDOW LOCK" switch.
With the "WINDOW LOCK" switch pressed in, the window cannot be raised or lowered. The indicator lights will tell you which of the switches can be operated.


To avoid personal injury, observe the following.

  • When small children are in the vehicle, take care not to allow them unexpected use of the switch. Use the window locking feature described above or, if you must leave them unattended, remove the key from the ignition switch.
  • When closing the windows, be sure that no one has his/her head, hands or arms sticking out the window.